The Don
The Don was designed to be the signature theater of all home theaters. The Vestibule area has limestone tile floors, black granite accents, cherry wood paneling & pilasters with upholstered side wall. The Don itself has 12 solid maple columns, a bar high granite counter behind 3 rows of seating, and floating side wall panels that are back lit. Centered in the ceiling is a large oval cove which peeks at 14, the oval as well as the perimeter side walls have a lighting system that is capable of creating 16 million colors. The Don features the latest DLP technology from Runco, and the most prolific CAT MBX Speaker System ever installed; a Lares spatial playback system has been incorporated which utilizes an additional 34 surround speakers and two microphones to produce a sense of envelopment that has yet to be heard in of rooms of this size.
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322 W Bearss Ave, Tampa Fl 33613